GyroNet™ UD

Upside-down micro-sprinkler for flat terrain orchards that work in unison with harvesting machinery 

Designed to work upside down from a trellising wire, GyroNet™ UD micro-sprinklers ensure perfectly uniform water coverage without interfering with your field machinery.

  • “Upside down” mounted sprinklers keep the ground clear, preventing sprinkler damage due to field machinery
  • A micro-spring actively closes the sprinkler once water is shut off, preventing insects and debris from entering and disrupting flow and coverage


  • Irrigation
  • Frost mitigation
  • Orchards cooling
  • Orchards humidification
  • Leaves Dust cleaning


  • Medium pressure
  • Low Pressure

Coverage type

  • Localized

Crop type

  • Orchards

Trajectory angle

  • Medium
  • Low

Why GyroNet™ UD?

  • Uniform water coverage: Optimal water pattern year after year.
  • Machinery-safe: Unique“upside down” mechanism enables sprinklers to be operated in a hanging position, preventing damage caused by field machinery.
  • Insect-protected, even upside down: Specially designed spring bearing ensures the anti-ant mechanism can prevent insect penetration to the nozzle even when the sprinkler is mounted upside down.
  • Long-lasting in the field: Manufactured from tough plastic materials that can withstand agrochemicals, fertilizers, and prolonged sun exposure.
  • Cost-effective performance: Modular design minimizes repair and field maintenance, keeping your operating costs constantly low.
  • ISO 8026 standards: GyroNet™ micro-sprinklers meet ISO 8026 standards (SI 1406) with production certified by the SII.


  • 3 different flow rates: 40, 50, 58, 70 l/h.
  • Maximum recommended working pressure: 2.5 bar
  • 2 types of inlet connectors: Self-tapping and Press fit.
  • 2 types of upper bearing: Specially designed upper bearing retains the anti-ant feature even when sprinkler is mounted upside down; Spring bearing with Everspin™ improves wear resistance in harsh conditions.


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