Compact on line dripper, with drop leading feature, for pot, container, greenhouses, nurseries and garden pot irrigation

Why CapiNet™?

  • Flexibility- The dripper can be positioned exactly where required. Great flexibility by using 2.5*3.6 mm microtube to the exact location required.
  • Turbulent- Labyrinth that ensures the highest reliability, efficiency and uniformity.
  • Versatility- Special design stake enables stabilization of the CapiNet™ end on pots, beds, and open fields, can hold the CapiNet™ straight up or at 45 degrees angle. No need for connectors, to connect to the distribution line.


  • Working pressure up to 2.0 bar.
  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron / 120 mesh. Filtration method selected based on the kind and concentration of dirt particles contained in the water. Wherever sand exceeding 2 ppm exists in the water, a Hydrocyclone shall be installed before the main filter. Where sand/silt/clay solids exceed 100 ppm, pretreatment shall be applied following Netafim expert instructions.
  • Turbulent labyrinth with large water passage.
  • Insertable into thick wall blank PE pipes (1.00, 1.20 mm).
  • Injected dripper, very low CV.