Innovation by farmers, for farmers

Innovation by farmers, for farmers

We’re here to empower African farmers to grow higher and better yields with less.

Who we are

Netafim Africa works hand in hand with governments, the private sector, international institutions and NGOs to revolutionize agriculture, nutrition and food supply in Africa.

We provide end-to-end agricultural solutions, from large-scale projects to family systems and digital farming that ensure a better and more sustainable future for the growing local population. We 'do well by doing good’. We manage and implement agricultural projects, build infrastructure, develop open fields and greenhouses. We are present in the field and train local teams and farmers. We ensure the highest possible crop yields.

We are the pioneers of Israeli drip-irrigation technology. We’re farmers and innovators. We started in 1965, trying to grow crops in the dry and saline soil of the Negev desert in Israel, where there is severe scarcity of water. So we know what it’s like to farm in extreme conditions. That struggle taught us how to combine precision irrigation, agronomic expertise, superb growing management, and relentless innovation to always excel in helping farmers to grow more of any crop, in any climate, with less resources.

Our leadership

Our Backbone

Helping the world grow more with less.™

As the world’s leading precision-irrigation company, we drive mass adoption of smart irrigation solutions to fight scarcity of food, water and agricultural land.

Our values

  • Partner for Success
  • Dare 
  • Make it Happen 
  • Make an Impact 

Our people

Our people are everything to our business. They share a common bond with our growers, helping to bridge diverse geographies, languages and cultures with a commitment to growth.

Our people are experts in irrigation technology and have years of experience working in the African continent. They apply solutions that bridge the gaps of climate, scarce resources and infrastructures to ensure the highest yields at affordable costs.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Our Products and Services

Netafim Africa's solutions range from family systems and digital farming to large-scale agricultural projects.

Family systems are suitable for small areas and do not require electricity. They benefit from the same precision technology used in premium products but in a more cost-effective framework.

Our digital farming solutions feature cutting-edge technology that enables farmers to manage and control irrigation and soil nutrition remotely via mobile, tablet, or computer. Additional digital tools include weather sensors and Decision Support Systems (DSS).

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Alongside our leading, field-proven technologies, we provide a full range of project-related services, from design, agronomy and technical support to feasibility studies. We partner with global leaders in agricultural inputs in the areas of nutrition, fertilizers and crop protection to make sure that each project achieves the desired returns by generating the most optimized and high-quality yields. We share and transfer our knowledge with the local communities so everyone can become a self-sufficient business.

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Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Quality Policy

Why we’ll never drop our standards

At Netafim, commitment to quality is a core value. Starting with our employees, our uncompromising standards are applied to every facet of our business. From refining development procedures, through conducting exhaustive field tests, to optimizing production techniques and managing large-scale projects, we’re committed to delivering high-quality products and services.

Netafim Quality Policy

Let’s grow together

We partner with people and organizations that dare to make an impact, feel inspired by our united purpose to help the world grow more with less. We can make things happen in a collaborative and partnership manner.

This is what guides us in achieving our vision to fight scarcity of water, food and land.

If that sounds like you, then drop us a line and let’s grow together.

Netafim irrigation company - by farmers, for farmers

Our global presence

There are about 5,000 of us now, spread across 110 countries. We have 29 subsidiaries and 17 manufacturing plants worldwide. In Africa, we have an active, dynamic team that offers continent-wide coverage, providing a variety of innovative and tailor-made solutions.

To date, we’ve irrigated over ten million hectares of land, and produced over 150 billion drippers for more than two million ambitious farmers.

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