Innovation & collaboration drive change in India’s farming communities

Ramdas Battalwar
By Ramdas Battalwar on 21/9/2020

Drip irrigation - Changing the Way Rice is Grown Sustainably in Turkey

Yigit Kocabiyik
By Yigit Kocabiyik on 29/1/2020

Turkey has 28 million hectares of arable land, of which only 33% has access to water for irrigation. Agriculture is heavily dependent on irrigation and consumes about two thirds of available water resources. Uneven distribution of water resources, fragmented land, adverse climate conditions, sub-optimal irrigation and agricultural practices further add to the challenge. The introduction of efficient irrigation technologies for increasing agricultural productivity remains a priority for Turkey.

The Future of Farming: Smart Community Irrigation Solutions

Vikas Sonawane
By Vikas Sonawane on 9/1/2020

The world has been living in the ignorant belief for centuries that “We’ll always have enough water for ourselves” Water is essential for life.  However, the unthinkable has unfortunately happened, and right now 43 countries, which comprise about 700 million people across the globe, are facing worrying levels of water crisis. The United Nations further estimates that as early as 2025, two-thirds of the population of the world will be suffering in water-stressed regions.

Helping Revolutionize Local Agriculture in Gabiro, Rwanda

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Transforming Smallholder’s Agriculture in Malawi with USAID

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Supplying Full Bulk Water In-Field Sugarcane Project in Tanzania

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Drip Irrigation for Corn Increasing and Stabilizing Yields, While Saving Water

Lior Peleg
By Lior Peleg on 22/7/2019

Netafim Morocco was at SIAM 2019

Posted on 18/6/2019