When you’re growing maize, every season is a race to higher yields. But when you’ve got a more precise way to control your water and nutrients, every season is better than the last one.

Why choose drip irrigation for maize?

Get higher profitability using less resources

  • Higher yields, consistently 
    Drip irrigation delivers a yield range of 15-18 tons/ha consistently, year over year, regardless of weather conditions.
  • More maize per M3 water 
    Drip irrigation fosters zero evaporation or runoff, so it creates the best water use efficiency (WUE) index possible.
  • More maize per Kg fertilizer 
    Drip irrigation’s high nutrient application efficiency ensures maximized production per fertilizer unit. It enables precise, measured nutrient application according to the crop’s development stage, ensuring optimal crop nutrition with zero leaching.
  • 100% land utilization 
    Drip irrigation uniformly irrigates 100% of your field, avoiding dead corners or unused plots, even on slopes or in odd-shaped fields. Drip is also a great solution for sandy soil where more frequent irrigation is a must.

Maximize operational efficiency

  • Long lasting performance 
    A subsurface drip irrigation system can last for up to 20 years, and many of the components, like filters, valves and conduction pipes, can last even longer.
  • Effective weed control 
    Precise water delivery ensures minimal weed growth, reducing herbicide application costs.
  • Easy operation, minimal maintenance 
    Drip systems have no moving parts or complex mechanisms, so, when compared to pivots, they require less maintenance and endure less breakdowns. Drip irrigation systems can be operated and programmed remotely, requiring less working hands per hectare.

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Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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