Power to the farmer

Power to the farmer

You used to have to spend more on labor, land and other agricultural inputs to grow higher and better yields, and to put your trust in unpredictable climates. Precision irrigation changes all that.

Agricultural transformation in Africa

By 2050, there’ll be 10 billion people living on our planet and 20% less arable land per person to grow enough calories. According to UNESCO, Africa’s population, which is currently estimated at 1.1 billion, is forecasted by the UN to reach to 2.4 billion (more than double) by 2050. At the same time, undernourishment in Sub-Saharan Africa continues to rise, with an estimated 23% of undernourished people mostly in West and Central Africa.

Agricultural transformation in Africa is therefore a must, so that the growing continent can feed itself and stop relying on food imports. In the continent’s transformation, governments, companies, the public sector and farmers play a critical role in enabling businesses to flourish.

Water management (including irrigation in general and drip irrigation in particular) helps increase agricultural productivity as it yields better and richer crops. With projects that facilitate agricultural industrialization and help address climate changes, Africa can shift from a food importer to a food exporter, thus transforming the lives of many farmers while saving water, fertilizers and energy.

Netafim is changing the economics of African agriculture by enabling farmers to provide more food per hectare and cubic meter of water.

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Precision irrigation feeds the plant, not the soil. That’s a big deal. Because when you deliver water and nutrients straight to the roots, you lower your costs. More importantly, you grow higher yields of healthier crops. Wherever you are, whatever your challenges. Scroll down to see three ways precision irrigation changes agriculture for the better.

Water-use efficiency

Water-use efficiency

Water scarcity is the single biggest challenge for farmers in Africa, ranging from drought and drainage to lack of access to water reserves. Precision irrigation solves the water-use efficiency problem by changing the way you use water – delivering higher and better yields than you’ve ever seen, with less.

Food security

Food security

Today, the most sustainable approach to agriculture is also the most profitable. Precision irrigation empowers farmers in Africa to grow higher, better yields with less. Saving precious global resources – from food and water to energy and land – precision irrigation enables the continent to grow more food for nutritional security.

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops. It delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots zone, in the right amounts, at the right time, so that each plant gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it, to grow optimally. 

Precision irrigation solutions

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When you need to plan and execute any agricultural project, any size anywhere, you’ll make bigger agricultural profits with the right partner by your side. So take advantage of our services – an effective combination of three core elements:

End-to-end project management expertise

End-to-end project management expertise

Advanced planning, implementation and maintenance capabilities for every size of agricultural project.

Global presence and knowledge

Global presence and knowledge

50 years of experience working with growers and stakeholders in every continent.


A powerful collaborative spirit

A powerful collaborative spirit

Guiding and supporting governments, companies, investors and growers.

Growers stories


Turning Ethiopia into one of the world's leading sugarcane producers

“We are changing the way sugarcane is cultivated in my country.”

Beyene Chemeda


Sugarcane, Ethiopia

Guy Karel grows carrots where no one thought it was possible
"We live in a remote desert area. Soil and water is a serious matter.”

Guy Karel

Vegetables, Israel

Masatoshi Osani started saving water and growing better melons.

“Even in areas where it rains, fertigation by means of drip is very important.”

Masatoshi Osani

Corn & Melon, Brazil

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