Water-use efficiency with precision irrigation

Water-use efficiency with precision irrigation

Farmers in Africa need to optimize their water-use efficiency due to challenges like rainfall change, rising temperatures, drought, salinization, groundwater depletion, and lack of access to water reserves. Precision irrigation helps tackle these challenges. It enables you to use less water to get higher and better yields.

Change the way you use water

Precision irrigation helps you optimize the use of the world’s most precious resource – water – so you can master water management and grow better and higher yields every season.

Keep runoff and deep percolation at bay

Precision irrigation delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots in only the required doses, not more and not less than the crop needs. This avoids issues like runoffs and deep percolation as there is no excessive irrigation. Precision irrigation is planned according to the soil’s ability to absorb water, ensuring that the water stays in the active root zone and is optimally used by the crop. This results in higher yields with less water resources.

Reuse wastewater

Wastewater doesn't have to be wasted, it can become an asset. But existing techniques cause a lot of wastage of water, which sometimes carries pathogens that can contaminate crops. With precision irrigation, however, water reaches the roots of the plant so the crop never comes in contact with contaminants. This prevents water from turning into waste and enables you to reuse previously wasted water and convert into a valuable resource for farming.

Lower evaporation

Large sprinklers could cause water evaporation (somewhere around 15% to 30%) when the water travels from the sprinklers to the ground, never reaching the crop’s root zone. Precision irrigation eliminates this risk as it supplies water directly to the roots. This ensures that you use your water optimally and get return on every drop of it. In essence, it means you can irrigate up to 30% more land with the same amount of water.

Improve soil conditions

Excessive application of water using irrigations systems like pivot or flood in a short time could result in saturation conditions in the soil. This could in turn lead to bad aeration and distressing plant roots that don’t receive the right balance of air and water. Precision irrigation helps you irrigate with perfect quantities and timing, according to your soil type and crop needs. As a result, the air-water ratio is perfect and nutrients are kept where they are needed.


Sustainability means profitability

Today, the best way to deliver bigger, better, more profitable yields is also the most sustainable agriculture. Find out how precision irrigation helps solve critical world challenges like food security and the need for arable land.

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Let’s talk about your water use efficiency.

Let’s talk about your water use efficiency.

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