Bringing precision irrigation to villages, communities, and entire regions

Netafim puts at the disposal of the African continent its years of experience and leadership in drip irrigation. In an era of economic growth in which governments are looking to provide incentives to farmers and farmers look for better ways to manage their crops, Netafim’s solutions help increase yield per hectare and facilitate regional development.

Government partnerships

Netafim drives adoption of innovative, simple and reliable irrigation solutions for all types of crops and growers in Africa. We form partnerships with governments and international institutions to ensure food security, water use efficiency and sustainability to make agriculture viable in Africa.

We work with stakeholders to create a support structure in which an agriculture project can be successful and enable farmers to be self-sufficient. From family-based initiatives to community irrigation programs, we implement full solutions jointly with local and national governments and investors that enable entire populations to prosper.

Netafim’s teams enable farmers in Africa to transition from traditional farming to modern agriculture. With the help of local and regional governments and investors, these communities can establish their own plots and receive agronomic training in topics ranging from basic concept of growing, fertigation and irrigation, to taking advantage of agriculture as a business.

The results of these endeavors are not only rewarding for the community but also profitable for all stakeholders. Many such deployments have seen substantial increases in yields, income for all institutions taking part in them, growing capacity, as well as savings in precious resources resulting from the transition to drip irrigation.

Government partnership
Community irrigation program

Community irrigation programs

Community irrigation programs improve the livelihood of thousands. Working in partnership with governments, NGOs and local agriculture companies, Netafim Africa enables farmers to grow cash crops that bridge the gap between subsistence farming to commercial farming, promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability.

From global water infrastructures to irrigation and fertigation systems, we work with you step by step to support the agricultural sector in your region, ensure food security, give smallholders advanced agricultural tools, and ultimately increase their income from farming.

We offer turnkey, A to Z project management and implementation, as well as long term support and consultancy. We don’t disappear when a project is completed but remain on the ground to ensure its objectives are met.

We have a track record of hundreds of projects in many continents and are leaders in community irrigation. Our solutions are field proven to develop agriculture, mitigate climate changes, and deliver water to thousands of hectares. Our precision irrigation technologies and digital farming solutions truly help improve the livelihoods of rural farmers.

Growers stories


Changing the socio - economic landscape of rural communities with precision irrigation

“Community Irrigation is going to solve future problems of our generation.”

Prof. Aravind Galgali

Multiple crops, India

To discuss with us such initiatives, contact us here.

To discuss with us such initiatives, contact us here.