Greenhouse peppers should be watered when they need it, and knowing when can be a tricky business. Growing peppers in a controlled environment, especially in soilless media, requires ultimate precision in water and nutrient application. Precision irrigation will deliver the right amount of water and nutrients to your peppers, enabling you to reduce your investment, control the perfect root-zone environment, and push the plants to the maximum while increasing yield and ROI.

Optimal conditions for your peppers

  • Take control with smart insights from digital tools
    React immediately with insights on your crops, substrates and climate. A complete command and control system will let you activate your climate control, irrigation scheduling and fertilizer dosing units. 
  • A wealth of experience and agronomic know-how
    Making the right decisions while your peppers are growing is important. Our renowned experts are there to guide you with your ongoing growing strategy, every step of the way.
Optimal growing conditions for peppers | Netafim

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Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

Growers stories

Meet the pepper growers using precision irrigation.

Jagdish Gowda gets minimum around 40-50 tonnes of harvest per acre.

“Ever since Netafim introduced drip irrigation in my fields, my income after all the expenditure is around Rs. 10-15 lakhs per year.”

Jagdish Gowda

Peppers, India

South Africa


Better greenhouse peppers with Netafim!

Better greenhouse peppers with Netafim!

Get optimal growing conditions for your peppers.

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The next 50 years of farming won't be like the last 50. The agricultural system that served us until now needs to change. Growers need more control. We're farmers and innovators committed to bringing innovation to Africa, evolving together with our customers.

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