Better, Higher-Yield Crops

Better, Higher-Yield Crops

You’re aiming for higher yields, better-quality crops and higher efficiency. Netafim's agronomists are here to show you how to do it.

Understand your crop water need

If you want to know how much water your crops need, you need to know the ET or evapotranspiration value of your field. It represents the fields' water consumption and your irrigation needs.

We developed an "ET0 app for all" available online, so that African farmers can understand better how much water their crop need.

Find out more about ET0 for ALL app

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Precision irrigation solutions

Whatever you grow, we’ll help you grow more of it

Growers stories


“I grew potatoes with traditional methods for 20 years. Now, with drip irrigation, I'm bringing out the best that farming has to offer”

Matteo Todeschini

Potatoes, Italy

Moisés Ibañéz caught up with his sugarcane competitors

“It’s fantastic that the system offers true peace of mind.” 

Moisés Ibañéz

Sugarcane, Mexico

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