Keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in soil, weather, plants, and status of their hydraulic system is critical. GrowSphere™ takes monitoring to a new level, making precision irrigation a reality.

Meet GrowSphere™ ONE
The Stand-Alone Monitoring Unit

GrowSphere™ ONE is a robust monitoring unit.
Compatible with a wide range of sensors, solar powered, and fitted
with a global SIM card for easy in-field setup.

GrowSphere™ Integrates Seamlessly
with All Your Sensors

Soil Sensors

Get real-time insights on soil moisture levels at different depths, calibrated to multiple soil types.

Sensor types:

  • NetaCap
  • SM150T
  • NetaSense
  • Tensiometer

Plant Sensors

Track crop health and growth to determine water requirements, with on-the-ground or remote sensors.

Sensor types:

  • Trunk diameter
  • Stem diameter
  • NDVI remote sensing

Hydraulic Sensors

Get instant confirmation that valve open/close commands have been executed as planned.

Sensor types:

  • Water meter
  • Pressure sensor
  • Pressure switch

Weather Sensors

Monitor weather-related parameters such as solar radiation, relative humidity and precipitation.

Sensor types:

  • Davis weather station
  • Rain collector