Netafim – your end-to-end partner in Africa

We can proudly say that we are the partner of choice of thousands of farmers across the world, as we help them manage their project from inception to operations. We at Netafim Africa put at your disposal 50 years of experience in project management for various aspects of farming, including irrigation, technical know-how, design, development and execution.

We understand agriculture

Regardless of your location, crop and weather conditions, we’ll ensure that you achieve the highest levels of farming efficiency, quality and profitability!

From idea to execution

Whether you need technical guidance on community farming or comprehensive, end-to-end project management, we are equipped to deliver the ingredients you need to produce a successful agricultural project.

Building agricultural partnerships

All good projects start with successful relationships. Partnering with us means forming a long-term connection with real people that work with you from the ground up, and stay with you even after you’ve reached your goal. It’s these relationships that directly lead to better results - faster ROI, better yields, and lasting success.

Let’s get growing together!