For growers seeking absolute crop uniformity, even in the most challenging topographies and water conditions, UniRam™ delivers, season after season - guaranteed. The world’s most advanced pressure compensated drip lines let you handle extreme irrigation conditions with total confidence.

Uniram, drip irrigation products

Why UniRam™?

  • Irrigate perfectly in all conditions: Application, topography and water quality become a non-issue for your orchard, vineyard or greenhouse.
  • 0% flow variation: Precise distribution of water and nutrients to the root zone throughout your field results in perfectly uniform crop yields, year after year.
  • Never clogs: The industry’s biggest filtration area and water passage together with self-flushing technology, ensure consistent flow-rates even with harsh water. 
  • Tough in the field: Ultra-durable, UV-stable dripper lines withstand anything: heavy machinery, soil insects, sun exposure and re-coiling. 

What UniRam™ model suits your needs best?

Uniram™ AS

Deciduous plantation and tree irrigation and permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops

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Uniram™ ASXR

Permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops with extra root protection

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Uniram™ RC

Permanent (10 or more seasons) row crops, deciduous plantations and tree irrigation

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Uniram™ CNL

Greenhouses, deciduous plantations and tree irrigation; permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops

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Uniram™ HCNL

Greenhouses and precise irrigation applications; permanent (10 or more seasons) subsurface row crops; deciduous plantations and tree irrigation in complex topographies

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Uniwine™ AS

Vineyard subsurface drip irrigation 

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Uniwine™ RC

Vineyard on-surface drip irrigation.

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Unigray™ CNL & HCNL

Permanent (10 or more seasons) protected crops

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