Commercial Greenhouse: Vermillion Growers

Commercial Greenhouse: Vermillion Growers

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The challenge

In Central Canada, where cold weather and limited fresh food availability pose challenges, supermarkets often find it difficult to provide fresh vegetables. Recognizing this, Vermillion Growers Ltd. collaborated with the local community, government, and Gakon Netafim. Their joint efforts led to the financing of a 10-acre high-tech greenhouse, designed to conserve water and energy. This innovative facility promises to supply the local community with fresh tomatoes throughout the year, while also creating much-needed jobs.

Project details

Country: Canada

Type: Glasshouse

Crop: Vine Tomatoes

Size: 44064 m2 Phase 1


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“The accumulated efficiencies to make sure the facility is financially sustainable is why Vermillion invested in Gakon Netafim solutions.”

Maria Deschauer - Vermillion Growers Managing Director

Project summary

Gakon Netafim spearheaded the development of a 10-acre glass greenhouse facility for year-round fruit and vegetable production. Phase 1 construction began in spring 2022 and ended in August 2023, employing 35 full-time staff.

Vermillion Grower's innovative facility includes the greenhouse, packing hall, technical area, and administration building, and captures snowmelt to irrigate hydroponic crops. Boilers powered by natural gas generate warmth and incorporate CO2 capture technology, combatting climate change by sequestering carbon. Future plans include growing sweet peppers and cucumbers, and expanding to 70 acres.

Project services:

  • Venlo type greenhouse
  • Screen installation
  • Heating installation

Results achieved

Year-round production

Tomatoes are cultivated locally and remain fresh for 11 months of the year. The remaining month is dedicated to cleaning and preparing for the next planting cycle.


50% Reduction of municipal water use

Approximately 50% of the irrigation water is sourced from on-site captured precipitation, while the screening system enhances energy efficiency.


About 4,5 million kilos of tomatoes

10 million pounds of vine tomatoes can be delivered to a supermarket within hours.



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